"Understanding the contract completely before they built was reassuring!"

Anne & Stephen

"The flexibility and courtesy
BST offered when we chose different finishes during construction, was totally appreciated!"

Serena & Angus



Wanting a new home?

Though there are so many home and housing options today, things should not get confusing.

We respect that all those building a new home, renovating or extending an existing home, are making big investment decisions. By keeping it simple we believe the process can be gratifying.

Updating your style?

With equity to be found in every home, the option of renovation or home refurbishment is as wise as it is refreshing. Even small upgrades like replacing a kitchen or bathroom can add huge equity to your home. Complete restyling can give you a new outlook on what’s possible.

Needing more space?

Many have already made that big first step toward home ownership and loving their location, but size matters when it comes to family.

We can help ease the growing pains of an extended family, planning with you, options to extend or refurbish your existing home painlessly.

Proud contract policy

We don’t wait for questions about any contract to arise, we make certain clients understand every provision well before we start any new project.

As we value client engagement, it is reassuring if both parties' completely understand their responsibilities to ensure a seamless project.

Who we work with

As a family run business we have worked with a lot of Australian families, establishing a home that suits their family and their lifestyle. Whilst we also work with both Architects and Developers, it is our trusted team of tradesmen and contractors who have built on our established name.

Where we work

We have advantaged our relationship with tradespeople, contractors and suppliers over the Greater Sydney Region to expand our services.

BST currently host projects from Western Sydney through Sydney's Inner City, Northern and Southern Beaches, Mid North and South Coasts.